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Construction works
Design and architectural services
Engineering work

From the day of its foundation, the company "ADASTROY" has built and put into operation all the facilities in an exceptionally high-quality performance.

General contracting and subcontracting of construction works

• Earthworks and landscape works

• Reinforced concrete and foundation works

• Assembly of metal structures

• Construction of load-bearing walls and structures

• Facade works

• Roofing

• Construction and painting of internal partitions

• Installation and painting of ceilings

• Arrangement of all types of floor pies

• Laying of natural, artificial stone and porcelain tiles

• All types of decorative and finishing works

• Installation of free-standing and built-in furniture

• Delivery of materials and equipment

• Garbage removal

We also offer architectural and design services. From concept development to the implementation of a complete working project at the request of the customer.


• Architecture of buildings and structures. Concept development

• Restoration and restoration of buildings and interiors

• Architectural and construction working drawings and specifications of works and materials

• Interior design, draft solutions

• Working drawings for the interior, with detailed design development

• Development of designs of built-in furniture and author's decorative elements

• Selection of furniture, finishing materials, decorative elements and lighting equipment for interiors. Specification Development

• Development and selection of indoor and outdoor signs

• Author's supervision of the project by an architect, designer, engineer

In all construction works, ADASTROY uses its own engineering and technical resources.

• Development of complete engineering design documentation with approval in the right authorities

• Installation of heating systems

• Installation of sewer systems

• Installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems

• Installation of drainage systems

• Installation of fire extinguishing systems

• Electrical works of low and medium voltage

• Installation of lighting and complete switchboard equipment

• Installation of grounding and lightning rod system

• Installation of communication systems

• Installation of announcement systems

• Installation of CCTV systems

• Fire alarm installation

• Installation of a security alarm

• Test and commissioning

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